Whether its the hallway, the master bedroom or a family album, there is always room for a printed memory. In this day and age of digital technology, many tend to forget what it feels like to hold a photograph.


With this in mind I have applied my knowledge of printing and mounting, to offer display solutions for any project, whether large or small.


So share with me your next project and I will be delighted to help you conceptualize your next body of personal art.


Wedding isle portrait in Negril, Jamaica


You may consider museum quality prints on our wide selection of quality fine art papers, canvases, acrylic glass or I could suggest a mixed media approach to deliver something truly extraordinary.


So from the small collage layout to the giant wall display, I can engineer a solution to craftily showcase your masterpieces.



Artisan album opened.

A 7x10 musée album in tan leather

The Musée


This album sets the benchmark as to what a luxury album should be. The specially engraved leather along with your personal logo embossed on the cover, sets this keepsake in a league of its own.


Matted pages are made from the finest Arches paper of France. We present this album in an archival solander box to keep it preserved for generations to come.


The Musée is available in black or tanned leather and are available both in horizontal and vertical layouts in 7x10 and 10x14 sizes.

Artisan albums at various angles

10x14 album with vanilla bean leather and cover motif.

page flips feature in our artisan album layout.

The Album


With a wide variety of cover materials of various colors and textures, this album with its prestigious feel boasts some pretty cool features, such as page openings and page flips. Choose from our three layout options, Matted, Overlay or Duo.






Matted pages is the traditional style layout with the print being mounted beneath the mat.



These contemporary pages have a modern take on digital print layouts and are best suited for more graphical designs.



The duo would be considered the best of both worlds where contemporary meets tradition.

Mix matted layouts with graphical overlay pages and be the smartest album on the block.



The folio

Folios are standard with all wedding packages and neatly stores the flash drive with your digital images. Folios can be customized like all other boxes to suit any color scheme.

The solander box

These elegant boxes are designed to keep your prized photographs dust free and also make great conversation pieces on your coffee table.


They are available in a wide array of colored fabrics and complementary ribbons to perfectly fit any theme. Sizes are available to accommodate prints as small as 4x6 to as large as our 11x14 matted prints.

solander box

4x6 solander box in plum fabric and natural silk ribbon


If there was a word that could describe my feelings towards my art, it would be "Passion." Being a very creative and expressive person, I have chosen the path of photography as my medium to exhibit my creativity. Photography is my language and to be given the opportunity to document one of the most important events in a persons life is truly an honor, and to tell it from my heart is fulfilling. My approach to each wedding is unique just as the people being documented. A balance between documentary and artistic directing brings a refined finish to my presentation while preserving the authenticity of the day. I look forward to the next celebration and maybe it will be yours.







I look forward to learning more about your event, so feel welcome to share your thoughts and ideas and I will be more than happy to assist you.


Please leave me details about your event along with your name and contacts







Q. How do you describe your style of shooting?

A. My approach to weddings is from a documentary point of view, yet I do direct when needs be to deliver stronger images that would not exist without my intervention.

Q. When will I need a second photographer?

A. Events can get quite sizable and a second photographer provides extra coverage and helps with providing a more thorough documentation of the event or events which may occur simultaneously. So while not manditory, it is recommended under certain circumstances.

Q. Can I place the images on Facebook or other social media websites?

A. As long as the images are used in a non-commercial manner it is OK. We will be honored if you credit us for taking the image and even a link to our website is very much appreciated.

Q. How many images will I receive?

A. I do not limit the amount of images I deliver per shoot, as my approach to documenting your event is not based on quantity, but more on effectively narrating your story with as many images necessary.

Q. Are you available for travel outside New York?

A. Certainly. Just tell me where and when.

Q. How do you present your images.

A. All images are presented on a flash drive and for weddings and portraits I do offer proof prints which are enclosed in a solander storage box.

Q. Why do all your packages include prints?

A. Printing is a part of my expression as an artist. Printing offers another level of visual experience which adds a whole new dimension to my work. Holding a photograph in your hands and feeling the texture of the paper is something that a digital image cannot provide.






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